Dan’s Record

Dan’s Record as Our Mayor

Dan is a leader who deserves another four-year term.
Here are a few of Dan’s achievements during his first term as our county’s mayor:

On Taxes/County Debt

  • NO new taxes despite a recession, while increasing county services
  • Restructured $3 million in debt/refinanced $10 million at lower interest rates, generating $2.5 million in cash flow savings (FY 2012-14)
  • Increased General Fund balance from $14 million to $18.5 million (highest reserve in county history)
  • Created and adopted new debt management, fund balance and fixed asset management policies

On Support to Education

  • Refinanced 2004 school bonds resulting in nearly $800,000 in savings over the next four years
  • Moved 9¢ of our property tax levy to schools, resulting in a 13% increase in local funding for local education, translating to a combined $2.5 million to county/city schools per year
  • Increased instructional funding $600,000 per year
  • Funded $2.8 million in school facility improvements
  • Funded $500,000 in school security upgrades
  • Funded expansion of School Resource Officers (SROs) and will have SROs in every county school within three years
  • Sold Johnson City’s Downtown Center for Northeast State Community College Campus

Public Safety

  • Funded four additional Sheriff’s patrol officers, first expansion since the late 1990s
  • Funded four additional detention center officers, re-establishing a training officer position

County Operations

  • Implemented general liability insurance for all county property and activities
  • Consolidated all human resource functions into one department
  • Modest raises for all county employees each of the past three years
  • Created Washington County Archives
  • Consolidated all economic development into Washington County Economic Development Council
  • New EMS station in Sulphur Springs
  • Disaster relief and recovery to tornado and flood victims
  • Better cooperation between county, city and town leadership and elected officials

Here’s What Dan is Working On for the NEXT Four Years

  • Bring new private sector investments together with local, state and federal economic development partners to bolster our local economy through new and expanded industrial and manufacturing plants and equipment, retail development and corporate office locations
  • Manage the ever-increasing demand for funding in this recovering economy with proven expertise and experience as your county’s leader
  • Bring clean drinking water to thousands of Washington Countians in rural areas
  • Additional funding to local education to meet new federal/state mandates
  • Additional county school facilities to serve a growing population
  • Address increased county employee healthcare costs due to the impact of the Affordable Care Act